Friday, May 13, 2011

Tater Tot Mayday

Last week decided to get food from the cafeteria, I usually just bring a lunch but I was feeling the need for a change... so Glenn and I both got sandwiches and tater tots and he went to get a coke and I went to pay. So I paid, and then went to get us some fry sauce while I waited for him to get done. So I fill up my fry sauce and put it on my plate with the tots and sandwich, I also have my water bottle (no lid) full of water in my other hand. So I finish and go to step away to go sit down and my shoe laces got caught on the cupboard or something that way by my feet at the condiment counter… so I try to regain my balance but there was no chance. The result? Me throwing my glass plate with my food on it on to the counter as I tumble backwards falling completely to the floor flat on my back with my water bottle flying and spilling everywhere. Yes. In the lunchroom, where everyone is eating, at peak lunch time. Awesome. So I hurry and sit up to grab my waterbottle as pretty much every ounce of water has spilled all over the floor (lucky thing number one, somehow I managed not to get in any of the water, I still don’t know how this happened). So I picked up my water bottle and myself off the floor as fast as I could and from behind me I hear one guy say… “Uh, are you alright?” I just said “yes, I’m fine” really quickly. As I think about it now, I have no idea what the guy looked liked so I think I just stared at the floor as I said it not wanting to look around at all and just trying to pretend it didn’t happen as fast as I possibly could. Then to the next spot of damage. When I thre my plate on the metal counter it had made a huge noise, but lucky thing number two it didn’t break the plate, lucky thing number three I didn’t get any food (mainly fry sauce) spilled on me. So quite a few of my tater tots flew off my plate and fry sauce went flying so I’m frantically trying to clean all that up as best I can in the sea of water on the floor, when Glenn walks up. He just stares at me. and I say… “I had a huge mayday Glenn”… “What happened?!?!?” He missed the whole thing. Finally as I cleaned up as much as I could I just fled the scene.

My heart was still pounding for pretty much all of lunch. How embarrassing! What grown person flops all over the ground and spills their lunch at work? That’s like something you deal with in elementary school!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Wedding Chat

I really thought I'd post more often while I was engaged. I don't know why I thought that, like I'm going to have all this extra time or anything! :) I think I just figured I'd have so much more exciting things to say! So first off thanks to eveyone who voted for us in the photo contest, I appreciate it. We ended up winning third place and getting a dinner gift certificate and movie tickets. :) We've also decided on our Open House in Idaho Falls. It will be on June 11th from 7-9pm. And here's the awesome part... we'll be having it at the Idaho Falls airport in and airplane hangar! My dad has a friend that is going to let us do it there in his new beautiful building. It's perfect cause the walls are all silver and the floor is pretty white and they have red in there too. oh! our colors are red and silver by the way. So yeah, I know you will get an annoucement, but here's the info kind of as a save the date! And our recpetion in Salt lake will be at the Rice-Eccles Stadium Tower in their scholarship room. (also decorated in red and silver). There will be a ring ceremony with us and the bridal party walking down the aisle and stuff that you are all welcome to attend before the reception. We are getting so excited and I'm continuing to cut the links off one by one off the wedding countdown chain that Glenn made me. today marks 48 days. Geez! It has gone by so fast. I did my bridal photos last weekend in Idaho Falls and they were so fun. It's a nice relief to have the wedding outfit all finished and accessorized! Jessica's mom made my wedding dress... and it's perfect for me. :) She's so good at making them I just took her pictures and sometimes just ideas and she turned it into a dress, that I love. I also had a bridal shower this week with my friends from folk dance and it was really fun. At the beginning of the party they started with a game and they said you can't say "Glenn" or "husband" or "finace".... At that moment I just thought... "THIS is MY bridal shower!!! AHHHHH!!!!" It sounds funny but it was just another moment that made it all more real. This is it folks, after all those years of waiting, and as my parents like to remind me, "all those years you were just NEVER going on dates and NO ONE was asking you out..." ha ha. Also, I'm getting so excited for our house. Glenn owns a house in Daybreak in South Jordan so I'll be moving there. But I can't tell you how excited I am to have a HOUSE and not one time room, for all my tons of stuff. And I finally fulfilled a dream of mine... I got a hammock!! I found a good deal on one and for the first time in my life I knew exactly what I would do with it. Put it in OUR backyard, and enjoy it all summer long, with my cute new husband. Am I crazy? maybe, but I am SO excited for that hammock. Speaking of buying the hammock, I've also been researching things for the wedding and buying a lot of stuff online (cause I don't have time to run all over town to different stores) anyway, my roommates are always teasing me now about getting all sorts of things in a mail, a package everyday, and my "obsession with internet purchasing". And it maybe true, I might have an obsession of internet purchasing. But it's just so awesome!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glenn and I are FINALISTS!!!

Glenn and I entered a photo contest for engaged couples this week and through all odds we were one of the finalists! Awesome huh? It's supposed to be "A couple having fun together." I'm happy to report that I had lots of pictures of us to choose from! The one we chose is from a trip Glenn and I took to arches last summer with Sara and Eric, and Whitney and Eric. We camped and hiked lots, and it was my first time seeing the delicate arch. So we're trying to win the contest and would really appreciate your vote. You can vote on facebook, and their are two sites doing the contest and they total the votes from each site, so please vote on each one. Look for the Bride and facebook page AND All Points Travel (Utah) and "like" their pages, then you can go to Glenn and I's picture, #7, and "like" it as well. Only likes count as votes, not comments... althought I would love to hear your comments as well! :) Thank you in advance!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Glenn and I have officially jumped in to the wedding plans with both feet! It will be held May 19th for sure and our reception will be that night in Salt Lake, with one in Idaho afterwards in June. We are having so much fun planning all the wedding reception stuff and we would love for you to come share with us! I'm busy collecting addresses (getting it done early so I don't miss anyone) but I know I don't have a lot of your current contact information, especially you high school friends! So if you haven't already heard from me and given me your address, in one form or another... email, text, facebook... and you would like and invitation please leave me your address or you can email it to me! Thanks everyone!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Getting Married!!!

As many of you have heard, I’ve found Mr. Right, Glenn Barton, :) and we’re getting married! I figured you might want to see him and hear the proposal story, so here it is.

Glenn and I started ring shopping and we had decided to keep it a secret from all our friends and family so that when we finally announced we were engaged it would be a surprise… and really exciting. So we went to many ring stores to start figuring out what I even liked. I still remember walking into the first ring store and holding Glenn’s hand as he proclaimed “We’re here to look at your engagement rings!” Inside I was freaking out! Me? Ring Shopping!?!? ha ha. So fun! We finally started finding things that I liked and things I didn’t. Finally we went to Kelly jewelers that Jessica’s dad owns and I saw a beautiful ring there. I put it on… it fit perfect… it looked perfect on my hand… after we left the store I just kept thinking about it, and loving it. It was as if I had found my glass slipper.

So Glenn bought the ring and had it for almost a month and a half before he proposed. I was just waiting for the moment to arise. He asked me out on a “mystery date” on the night of Thursday December 16th. I had my suspicions that it might be that night. He wouldn’t tell me anything that we were doing… and I love surprises so I didn’t bother to try and find out. So he arrived at my house to pick me up with a vase of flowers. They were red roses and star gazer lilies, with a few Christmas additions of pine and holly. The bouquet he brought me on our first date was red roses with star gazers as well, although I didn’t know at the time that’s what they are called. But it was perfect cause they are so pretty and smelly, and they are called star gazers! So with an inkling that this might be a special night we took some pictures and left for our mystery date.

We drove to a restaurant in sugar house that we hadn’t been to before. It was an Italian places called Lugano. The place looked like an older home that had been fancied up. It was dimly lit with fake candles on the tables to give a “candlelight feel” we ordered our food, and it tasted REALLY good. We finished dinner and headed to our next destination.

We parked at the gateway and started walking. We walked into the Clark planetarium and went right up stairs, as we approached the dome theater a young man was waiting for us said, “welcome, right this way…” we walked into the theater and no one was in there. The “sky” was lit up a light pink. We chose the best seats in the house and the narrator, Holly, came to talk to us. She said, “Hey it looks like you guys are lucky! You have the whole place to your selves. Usually I tell people to turn off their cell phones… but you can take all the calls you want, just let me know if you want me to pause the movie!” ha ha. After she left I got Glenn to confess that he had reserved the entire planetarium for a special show for just the two of us.

We watched “The Ultimate Universe” all about how the stars and planets are created and interesting Universe facts. Then after it finished we did some “star-gazing” they put up the current night sky, what the sky would look like if we were to go outside and look. Holly narrated it, pointing out where constellations are in the sky as well as Jupiter, and a neat cat eye nebula that were visible as well. She pointed out Orion, The big and little dipper, then moved to another common constellation Cassiopeia, the Queen and her King Cepheus. I love the stars and constellations and everything to do with them. When Glenn helped me move right after we started dating one of the tasks was to put the glow in the dark stars back up on my ceiling. I love having them up, but there are a lot of them so it is no small task. I try to put up a few of my favorite constellations, so I told Glenn he could pick one out to put up. He put up Cassiopeia and Cepheus… the king and queen together in the sky. So they became our special constellations that we would look for in the night sky whenever we went star gazing. So, back to the story, as she brought up this special pair of constellations I got excited and nudged Glenn a bit. She brought up a visual depiction of the king and queen in the sky and said, “These two actually have a very unique love story… I’ll tell you about it.” Then a song that had become really special to us “Just the Way you Are” by Bruno Mars started playing the theater (a pretty instrumental version). I was a little confused and looked at Glenn, “Is that our song?” Before he could reply words appeared up on the dome screen…

“Cepheus and Cassiopeia: The Real, Untold Love Story

Not many people know the real love story behind this royal couple. It’s the kind of legend about which fairy tales are written.

Here it is…”

Glenn had written our love story in the form of a fairytale, a story of the constellations. A king and queen brought together for eternity. He included funny inside jokes, and special moments, tying in lots of pieces of our dating story. As our names appeared on the screen I began to cry (but don’t worry it wasn’t the ugly cry). Every piece of the story fit perfectly and had me smiling and laughing… on top of the crying. ha ha. The story finished with…

“The brilliance of their love flourished when they were together, but they still lacked the one element needed to join them permanently in the heavens. To be together, they needed to find a star with such perfect radiance that it could bind them forever. Such a star would be able seal them in the heavens for eternity. Fortunately they were able to find that star. It’s known as…The ARCTIC STAR!”

The name of the diamond center stone in my ring is called the arctic star. Awe... Then a bright star appeared on the screen and raised high into the sky, Glenn stood me up, took my hand and talked to me for a bit and then got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I of course said YES!

Afterwards, we were so happy as were Holly and Rob the people who ran the planetarium for us that night. We got a few pictures taken.

Then we went to the melting pot for dessert. While enjoying our food we decided to drive to Idaho that night (we ended up getting there at 2am) and surprise my parents in the morning with the good news.

The date is planned for sometime in May… possibly the 19th. I’ll let you know. It’ll be in Utah and then a few weeks after we’ll be having an open house for all our friends in Idaho.

And here are some pictures of the ring...

Here's the view from the side... one of my favorite parts. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Pirate's life for me!

Sometimes Holidays come and go without us really feeling like we got to experience them fully… This was defiantly not the case with Halloween this year. I was on the committee to plan a Halloween party for my dance team and started getting into the Halloween spirit in September. Included in the Halloween excitement was recruiting my mom to make me a Halloween costume, just like old times (or really every time cause I’m never let her stop). She’s just so good at it. So we brainstormed a little bit and decided I would be a pirate. My mom had thought it’d be fun to make a costume like this for a while, so we both started doing our research. Once we had a good idea in our minds she went to work. For those of you who don’t know how my mom works… she is a perfectionist. And my dad described it best when he said, “Molly, she can’t just make a costume… it’s like she’s building the Statue of Liberty” And it’s all true… so I decided to showcase her fabulous work here! Keep in mind our deal was that I had to teach her Sunday school lesson so I went home one weekend and only had one fitting for the whole costume and she mailed it to me a couple days before my first party. Opening the box was like Christmas morning.

It was exactly what I wanted!!! She spent forever just making the jewelry that went with it. Check out the hairpiece and choker, they are both handmade. Also... after she spent weeks making this immaculate costume for me she made a Jedi costume for my brother... in one day. She's amazing. that's all there is to it! Thanks Mom! Love you Lots!

The Frist Snowfall...

Ah… the first snowfall of the year always brings a certain sense of joy to my heart. As does every subsequent snowfall!

I awoke today like any other day and got ready for work. I passed my roommate getting ready in the bathroom as I headed out, and she stated, “You better bundle up” in a dreary voice, and I said, “oh is it cold?” and she replied, “It’s snowing.” The most magical words that my ears like to hear. IT’S SNOWING?!?!?! Are you kidding? I ran immediately to the window of the door and peeked out with my hands on the windows to block the light (cause it was still dark outside) like a little kid as they peer out the window waiting their dad to come home from work… and sure enough there it was. The beauty of all beauties… a white blanket of sparkling wonderful. With little wonderfuls still falling from the sky. I came back away from the window to grab my real coat instead of my jacket I had on. I passed my roommate who was still dejected at the sight of the snow. She was obviously in denial… getting ready in her shorts and a tank top, still wishing for summer. She lives for summer, everything she is, is a summer girl. Me on the other hand… I love winter. Absolutely love winter. The image of snow falling, snow having already fallen, sitting inside and watching it with a fireplace and my all time favorite drink… hot chocolate, being outside playing in it… everything about it is wonderful.

So I was off to work and I my little heart couldn’t help be happy. It was like God had just surprised me with the best gift in the world. A silent prayer in my heart was that it would still be snowing or at least not have all melted away by the time I got off work. I remember having such thoughts when I had to go to school when it snowed. Ha ha. Once I got to work the snow was all the talk, but it seems everyone doesn’t like the snow as much as I do. Everyone was so bugged that it’s early and that it’s here. So sad. I was looking up the weather to see how long it would last and about died when I realized it was supposed to snow for two… DAYS! I love it! So then I went about my work, sneaking peeks out the window every chance I got. I had to walk over to the other building to work with another of my co workers. As I looked at the window the snow had picked up from a light snow to a light blizzard! So I bundled all the way up with my hood and winter coat and prepared myself for the trek. (They do have a shuttle you can take… but who would miss this opportunity?) I put in my iPod playing Christmas tunes.

Big Fluffy pieces of snow were falling all over and it looked like a perfect wintery movie. I lifted my head back and opened my mouth to catch a few pieces of the heaven. I even started singing out loud (after making sure no one was near) and the whole time I practically danced to the other building. I would pass people walking the other way, with their heads down and snow all over their face, they seemed extremely bugged by this gift of the morning. And I knew that I had this big dopey smile plastered on my face… and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I could feel the grown up inside me saying… Molly, what are you doing? You’ve got to stop this! But the bigger (much younger) part of me would have none of it, she was way too tickled at the snow and she had taken over. I was a slave to my inner child. One man I passed I think noticed the big grin and said, “How you doing?” I replied with a “GREAT!” that was probably a little bit too loud and too enthusiastic.

So all in all the first snowfall of the year this year was picture perfect and as I told someone today I think it made me about a thousand times happier today! I went home and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas... compromising and not going for a full Christmas movie since it is still Halloween. I hope you all enjoyed the first snowfall as much as I did, or if you haven’t had it yet, look forward to it, it’s a gem.