Friday, May 13, 2011

Tater Tot Mayday

Last week decided to get food from the cafeteria, I usually just bring a lunch but I was feeling the need for a change... so Glenn and I both got sandwiches and tater tots and he went to get a coke and I went to pay. So I paid, and then went to get us some fry sauce while I waited for him to get done. So I fill up my fry sauce and put it on my plate with the tots and sandwich, I also have my water bottle (no lid) full of water in my other hand. So I finish and go to step away to go sit down and my shoe laces got caught on the cupboard or something that way by my feet at the condiment counter… so I try to regain my balance but there was no chance. The result? Me throwing my glass plate with my food on it on to the counter as I tumble backwards falling completely to the floor flat on my back with my water bottle flying and spilling everywhere. Yes. In the lunchroom, where everyone is eating, at peak lunch time. Awesome. So I hurry and sit up to grab my waterbottle as pretty much every ounce of water has spilled all over the floor (lucky thing number one, somehow I managed not to get in any of the water, I still don’t know how this happened). So I picked up my water bottle and myself off the floor as fast as I could and from behind me I hear one guy say… “Uh, are you alright?” I just said “yes, I’m fine” really quickly. As I think about it now, I have no idea what the guy looked liked so I think I just stared at the floor as I said it not wanting to look around at all and just trying to pretend it didn’t happen as fast as I possibly could. Then to the next spot of damage. When I thre my plate on the metal counter it had made a huge noise, but lucky thing number two it didn’t break the plate, lucky thing number three I didn’t get any food (mainly fry sauce) spilled on me. So quite a few of my tater tots flew off my plate and fry sauce went flying so I’m frantically trying to clean all that up as best I can in the sea of water on the floor, when Glenn walks up. He just stares at me. and I say… “I had a huge mayday Glenn”… “What happened?!?!?” He missed the whole thing. Finally as I cleaned up as much as I could I just fled the scene.

My heart was still pounding for pretty much all of lunch. How embarrassing! What grown person flops all over the ground and spills their lunch at work? That’s like something you deal with in elementary school!

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Bekah and Lance said...

I am way impressed nothing managed to get on you! Now that it talent! :) I think I would have had a humiliated elementary school moment too.